Stand-at skid table.


Frame of powder-coated steel tube with set-back legs (C-shape) on steel skids with plastic kicking protection. All steel tubes in round profile.

Table height. Stand-at work place in 2 sizes. Continuous height adjustment with winding handle.

Frame features. Continuous height adjustment with winding handle.

Tabletop made from melamine-resin-coated chipboard. With a seamlessly cast-on safety edge, a cast-in storage shell and an integrated stop rail, each made from (PUR) polyurethane.

Features of top. Inclinable working top (8) with horizontal shelf.

Accessories and options. Glides for hard and soft floors and briefcase (satchel) hooks as well as plywood or grid bookshelf.

Important notice. The table height can vary slightly depending on the glides. PUR edges are extremely robust, but can show signs of discoloration over time.

The following material groups are available: Frame made of steel tube: M1; Top made of chipboard with PUR edge: L9.


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