Mobile containers (short).


Body made of melamine-resin-coated chipboards with glued-on plastic edge. With 4 castors, 2 of which can be locked, or as stationary container with slide elements. Mobile containers also available in half-size format (see table).

Front made of us melamine-resin-coated chipboard with glued-on plastic edge or veneered. Optionally 1. with metal, plastic or wood bow handles; 2. with horizontal aluminum handle strips; 3. on both sides with vertical, milled handle strips or 4. without handle with push to open technology.

Drawers in 1,5, 2, 3 and 4 HU with partial or over-extension, 6 HU drawers with over-extension. Optionally with slide-in damping.

Equipment for 1.5 HU with plastic material pull-out. And 6 HU with suspension frame for DIN A4 folders. Optionally with seat cushion and foldable push-handle.

The following material groups are available: Body made of chipboard: L6; Front made of chipboard: L3; Front veneered: F1; Fabric cover: S46,51,52,74,78,79,80.


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