Series 800

Preliminary remark - wardrobe.

Series 800

Series 800 element cabinets with swing doors can be equipped from 4FH as wardrobe cabinets. 3 different wardrobe systems are used, depending on the width and depth dimensions.

[1] Width less than 19 3/4, depth = 16 3/4: Centrally positioned 3-point hook under the hat shelf (max. load 35 kg).

[2] Width from 19 3/4, depth = 16 3/4: Pull-out wardrobe rod under the hat shelf (max. load 6 kg).

[3] Width from 15 3/4, depth = 22 7/8: Laterally positioned wardrobe bar under the hat shelf (max. load 50 kg).

Wardrobe cabinets are equipped with plastic ventilation outlets [4] on the top and bottom edges of the door. Hat shelves [5] are located in 4FH-high cabinets at position 3FH and in 5FH- and 6FH-high cabinets at position 4FH. 6FH cabinets also have an additional adjustable shelf insert.

Construction: Models from a height of 77 5/8 or models with drawers and/or pullouts (DGUV Regel 108-007) must be secured to the wall or floor.

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