Series 600

Cupboard. Open cupboard. Storage module.

Series 600

Body consists of a tubular-steel skeleton with 4 posts, a solid-metal bottom and 3 perforated-metal sides, each powder-coated. With design or special castors or optional adjustable feet.

Front open or with double wing doors of chipboard laminated LIGNOpal chipboard and plastic (KU) edges. The doors are fitted with metal bow handles.

Organization. Both the open shelf and cupboard versions have adjustable chipboard shelves.

Locks. Optionally with cylinder or turning knob locks. Model 45235 alternatively with personal property boxes and rubber mat.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Frame made of steel tube: M1; Front made of chipboard: L(astral silver); Body made of steel: M1.

Series 600

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