Forward-flexing cantilever student chair.


Frame made from bent, powder-coated or chrome-plated round steel tubing. For sizes 4-7 with extra sturdy cross-strut between the skids.

Chair in 6 fixed heights.

Seat shell of double-walled textured polypropylene (LuPo) for comfortable sitting with air-cushion effect. Concealed frame attachment and grip hole. Comfort model for sizes 5 and 6 offer a larger seat shell for added comfort (Size 5 - L) (Size 6 - XL).

Equipment and options. Glides for hard or soft floors or 2-component universal glides. Optionally available with table edge protection for piggy-back chair mounting.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Frame made of steel tube: M1,(chrome-plated); Seat and backrest: C1.


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