Cover panels and organizational accessories.


Cover panels made from 19mm LIGNOpal chipboard, HPL or CDF to match the table top.

Organizational equipment in the form of drawers, adjustable hanging frame and material trays

Magnetic write-on film for use on all magnetic surfaces, for example the perforated metal back panels of the Shift+ Landscape cabinet-type units. The surface can be written on using board markers and can be wiped-off dry

Writing and cleaning material: Wipers (magnetic, for dry wiping, with replaceable felt wipe), felt wipe (for wiper model 06962, pack with 10 strips), board marker (dry wipe, pack with 4 pens), magnet.

Plastic Gratnells trays for Shift+ cabinets with Gratnells rail system.

Available for selection : Plastic insertable materials tray as well as drawer partition and adjustable hanging frame.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Body and front made of LIGNOpal: L3.