Series 600

Clothes, shoe and satchel cupboard.

Series 600

Body consists of a tubular-steel skeleton with 4 posts, a solid-metal bottom and 3 perforated-metal sides, each powder-coated. With design or special castors or optional adjustable feet.

Front open.

Shoe cupboard with 16 or 20 shoe compartments of laminated LIGNOpal chipboard and plastic (KU) edges.

Clothes cupboard , at the bottom: 15 shoe compartments of LIGNOpal. At the top: wardrobe with 6 triple hooks.

Satchel cupboard with 8 or 12 satchel compartments of LIGNOpal. Self-adhesive protective rubber mats available.

The following material groups are available: Frame made of steel tube: M1,(chrome-plated); Body made of steel: M1.

Series 600

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