Series 700

Cupboard and sideboard.

Series 700

Construction of 2, 3 or 4 combined chipboard elements (80 cm wide grid) with varying arrangements of sliding doors running in front and inside. Each body element has 4 adjustable feet.

Body element of doweled and glued melamine-resin coated chipboards with glued-on (KU) plastic edges. Rows of holes (25 mm hole spacing) for adjustable shelves.

Fronts are equipped with sliding doors of chipboard running at the front and sliding doors of chipboard or glass (toughened safety glass) running on the inside. chipboard doors with glued-on plastic or beech edge. All doors can be slid over the full element width. Optionally equipped with end faces of chipboard and with back panels of perforated plate, acoustic panels or acoustic microperforated plate.

Handles. Front sliding doors with fixed knob or bow handle, inner sliding doors with short or long bow handle.

Features. Optional with chipboard end panels or finished backs of perforated-metal. Base panels of solid or perforated-metal are clipped onto the adjustable feet.

Organisation. Adjustable shelves or hanging files and drawers.

Electrification. There are cable outlets in the top, bottom and each shelf and consist of a hole fitted with an aluminium insert.

The following material groups are available: Front made of chipboard: L3; Front veneered: F1; Front made of glass: G1; Body and bases made of chipboard: L6.

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