Series 600

TV, beamer and information terminal.

Series 600

Body made from a steel-tube skeleton with 4 posts, a solid-sheet base and 2 perforated-sheet sides, each powder-coated. Comes as standard with design or technical castors or optionally with adjustable feet.

Front made from perforated sheet with metal bow-type handles.

Organisation (45204). TV compartment with a self-closing door opening upwards. Cabinet element at the bottom with a double-wing door and 3 adjustable shelf inserts, each made of chipboard.All construction bases and adjustable shelf inserts are fitted with a cable outlet and an aluminium insert.

Organisation (45209/10) with open or closed (roller-shutter) compartment for monitor and printer. With lockable cabinet element (wing door) at the bottom for housing the CPU.

Organisation (45211-13). Racks without or with attachment for accommodating a projector. With a shelving element open on 3 sides at the bottom, optionally with cable drawer and equipment drawer.

Locks. Optionally with cylinder or turnknob locks.

The following material groups are available: Frame made of steel tube: M1,(chrome-plated); Body and front made of steel: M1; Front made of chipboard: L(astral silver).

Series 600

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