Ergonomic Seating Solutions

Finding the ideal type of ergonomic seating is crucial in order to foster good health and wellness in any educational space. As such, our classroom furnishings include a broad array of ergonomic seating solutions to suit the aesthetics and needs of your space. Expertly designed to promote concentration, natural productivity and focus and tireless physical comfort, VS furniture will help you create the ideal space with seating solutions that are as flexible as they are aesthetically inspired.

Students’ Chairs, Teachers’ Chairs, & More

To address a range of considerations, our collection of ergonomic seating solutions includes stackable, flexible and height-adjustable options that change with your needs. Likewise, a range of color schemes and upholstery options for select items allows your furnishings to be as striking or subtle as you desire. For versatile spaces, many of our ergonomic seating solutions are specially designed for multipurpose use, and are an ideal choice for outfitting lobby areas, creative work environments, hall seating and collaborative settings.

Endlessly Versatile Seating Solutions

In addition to an adjustable selection of chairs, our seating solutions also include ergonomic stools of varying heights, freeform seating elements, inventive couch and lounge seating and even beanbags, among other creative solutions. With the acknowledgment that each environment is unique, both in configuration and goals, we’re pleased to offer an extensive selection of enduring and innovative seating. Each item in our collection reflects the principles of forward-thinking design, authentic usability, physical and mental well-being and genuine comfort.

Office swivel chairs

Students chairs

Students chairs (multi-year classroom groups)

Teachers chairs

Multi-purpose chairs

Neutra Furniture Collection

Upholstered elements

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