Flexible Student Desks and Tables

Whether you’re looking for modern student desks or flexible tables to maximize productivity and focus or to facilitate collaboration and creative thinking, our collection has the solutions you’re seeking. From height-adjustable and freeform tables in various sizes, each of our tables captures the design and execution of the ideal, productive learning environment.

Form + Function

Our modern student desks combine aesthetic form and practical functionality. We create furniture for students regardless of age, with many of our adjustable tables designed to literally grow with students through their education.

Your Ideal Space

Much like the devices that are crucial for our learning and development, tables and desks are a tool that should be user-centric. To that end, we’ve created a series of ergonomic workstations that promote physical comfort, mental agility and flexible configurations for a range of environments. For assistance in selecting the ideal workspace tables or modern student desks, we encourage you to reach us at (704) 378-6500 or via email at info@vs-charlotte.com.

Students desks

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Multi-purpose tables

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