Transform Spaces with ESSER Funds
Unlock your school's potential
COVID-19 relief (ESSER) funds can be used for VS America agile furniture so schools can create learning spaces that embody dynamic flexibility, healthy ergonomics, and compassion.
By investing a fraction of the once-in-a-lifetime ESSER funding into agile furniture, schools can completely revolutionize learning spaces and provide teachers and students with a powerful tool for generations to come.
Create Agile Learning Spaces
Foster Well-Being & Success
Boost Teacher & Student Engagement
Schools have until September 30, 2024 to use ESSER funds.
Sample Classroom Layouts
Get Help with ESSER Funds
For help with funding approval or other support, reach out to us at or through this form.
How a school district used ESSER funds to transform education
Gary Community School Corporation, located in Gary, IN, managed to turn the tide in the face of worn-out facilities, financial hardships, and declining enrollment. One of their major efforts was to replace the furniture in their aging buildings, using COVID-19 relief (ESSER) funds.
Learn more about Gary Community Schools' ESSER project.

Addressing student learning loss

Student-centered learning environments address social and emotional well-being, while affording teachers more opportunities to address learning losses.
  • Social belonging through interactive peer supports
  • Increase participatory relationships
  • Prioritize instruction alongside development of social and emotional skills
  • Promote movement through furniture to allow for breaks without affecting the rest of the class
  • Facilitate various teaching and learning methodologies (cooperative learning, student-centered learning, project-based learning, among others)

Supporting mental health

Easily create welcoming, inclusive, and comfortable environments with VS furniture - giving students a feeling of belonging in the space.
  • Promote completion rates and retention rates among students
  • Create community through interactions and cooperative learning protocols
  • Allow space appropriation and trust
  • Prioritize peer-to-peer and peer-to-teacher relationships

Addressing the unique needs of disadvantaged populations

Agile spaces provide an equity of opportunity, so every single student has an opportunity to sit, stand, or learn in any way they need to.
  • Inspire well-being, including security in giving your opinion, solving problems, and working through conflict
  • Allow multiple informal relationships with peers, which leads to a sense of belonging
  • Offer both personal and private spaces, promoting reflective behaviors
  • Use activity boundaries, promoting self-regulation
  • Structure daily routines through blocks of rhythmic activities to foster mental wellness

Improving facilities to reduce virus transmission

VS furniture is built with constant change in mind to support all learning environments, and it can be rearranged to meet the need at any given moment. This ensures school leaders have the necessary resources to address the needs of their individual schools.
  • Rearrange VS' mobile furniture to expand into hallways, foyers, and gyms as needed
  • Stack tables as high as 8 and chairs as high as 5 for easy cleaning of floors
For more details on ESSER fund allowable uses, visit the U.S. Department of Education's website.
Furniture in-stock and ready to ship
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Competitively bid furniture
VS products are available through a competitively solicited and publicly awarded cooperative purchasing agreement with OMNIA Partners, Public Sector.
Student well-being
Built around the student's learning experience, VS' ergonomic, flexible, and mobile products empower students to engage their senses while learning, creating heightened focus, stronger motivation, and a sense of well-being. Discover how VS furniture nurtures student well-being.

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