Khan Lab School

Mountain View, CA

The Learning Space at Khan Lab School

At Khan Lab School (KLS), the learning space helps facilitate student independence – students choose their own goals to work towards, and they have a lot of freedom to do things on their own, or get support when needed.

It was essential for KLS students and teachers to have furniture that would be extremely flexible, so they could adapt all their learning spaces quickly in order to meet the needs at each precise moment. The furniture had to offer comfort for students of all ages, and allow for natural movement to achieve truly smart spaces. KLS chose VS America's furniture solutions to create the collaborative spaces they needed.

"We wouldn't have even considered that as an option if we hadn't had the furniture that we do."

Watch the video to find out how KLS uses VS America furniture to experiment with open spaces, creating collaboration among students and faculty. By making the learning space a part of the pedagogy, the possibilities for teaching and learning are unlimited.

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