Sliding board with 5 writing surfaces.


Sliding frame of natural-anodized extruded aluminium profile with a front panel of LIGNOpal. Steel counterbalance weights run freely, silently and maintenance-free in the body. The board can be moved vertically.

Installation. The board can be used either wall (A) or floor mounted (B), free-standing (C) or mobile (D). A special installation kit is needed for lightweight walls.

Board surface of sheet steel, enclosed without screws in a rounded aluminium profile with safety corners. Sponge holder (optional) and chalk rail of natural-anodized aluminium with safety end caps attached to the main board surface (F3) and dirt-collecting rail of natural-anodized aluminium with safety end caps to the 2 board wings (F1, F2/F4 F5).

Accessories. Projection surface for attachment to either the side or the middle.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Frame made of aluminium: M(anodisé); Writing surface made of steel: E2.

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