Swivel chair.

Seat and backrest: Tightly-stretched all-round upholstery. Optional net covered backrest for optimum "micro-climate".

Star foot of diecast aluminium with hard or soft double castors, load-dependent braking, for carpeted and hard floors.

Armrests optional. With aluminium ring armrests adjustable in width and height or short T-shaped plastic armrests adjustable in height, width and depth. Optional leather cover.

Function-A. With deep seat springs for absorbing vertical bumps (sitting down quickly) as well as with synchronous mechanism , i.e. with a backrest which dependent on weight (adjustable) follows body movements and simultaneously inclines the seat backwards slightly.

Optional functions: With adjustable seat depth and adjustable lumbar support.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Frame made of metal: M(black, brilliant silver, chrome-plated); Netting back or fabric cover: S47,48,49,53.