Serie 901

Supporting pedestal.

Serie 901

Construction based on a torsion-free steel skeleton with rows of holes to accept drawers. Pedestal for fixed table heights.

Front of melamine-resin laminated LIGNOpal chipboard with glued-on plastic edges or powder-coated solid metal, both with metal bow handles.

Body also of LIGNOpal.

Drawer with central locking in 3 HE (height units) with single or over-extension and in 6 HE normally with over-extension.

Fittings: at 1.5 HE with plastic material tray or flat steel drawer with material tray as well as 6HE normally with suspension frame for DIN A4 files.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Body made of LIGNOpal: L3; Front made of LIGNOpal: L3.

Serie 901