VistaFix-Mobil, VistaFlex-Mobil

Mobile projection screen.

VistaFix-Mobil, VistaFlex-Mobil

Mobile projection screen (6835).

Frame of square steel tube, mobile with 4 pivoted castors, two of which are lockable.

Features. Continuously inclinable by 20┬░.

Projection screen is enclosed without screws in rounded aluminium profile with safety corners.

Mobile projection screen (6493).

Frame of oval steel tube, continuously adjustable in height. Fitted with tripod on which screen can be rotated and inclined.

Features. Tripod can be folded together, the screen rolled-up and inclined.

Projection screen. Blankana.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Frame made of steel tube: M(arctic); Projection surface: E(matt white).

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VistaFix-Mobil, VistaFlex-Mobil