Serie 800

Preliminary remark - swing doors.

Serie 800

Series 800 element cabinets can be fitted with two different door hinges for the opening angles 110° [1] or 270° [2] . 110° door hinges cannot be seen from the outside and have damped door closing. Both hinges are available for single and for double swing doors in accordance with the body structure.

Single swing doors [3] are available hung on either the left or the right. The hanging side can be freely defined for widths up to 23 5/8’’.

Double swing doors [4] are fitted with a flexible plastic impact strip.

Bow handles (steel, plastic and wood), knob handles und inset handles (round) are available to choose from.

Construction: Models from a height of 77 5/8’’ or models with drawers and/or pullouts (BGR 234) must be secured to the wall or floor.