The personal workstation.


Construction of glued bodies which can be combined with any number of tables into personal storage-space workstations. In the case of a back-to-back configuration, the table surface can be divided with the “Spaces” discretion element. The HomeBox is available as a single element which can be positioned on the left or right side or as a double element.

Body of melamine-resin-coated LIGNOpal chipboards with glued (KU) plastic edge. Cable stowage space (4 doors) in the rear area on both sides above and below the table top. Upper user-side stowage-space door optionally fitted with a quadruple power socket.

Front with a large sideways-organised pull-out section. LIGNOpal surface with plastic or beech edge.

Pull-out section with a cylinder lock and a chrome-plated metal bow handle.

Interior equipment with storage shelves and optionally with suspension filing cabinet, AddBasic or AddPlus organisation accessory and a further quadruple power socket.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Front made of LIGNOpal: L1,4,6; Carcass and bases made of LIGNOpal: L1,4,6.

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