Long pedestal.


The construction (see system description) is based on a steel skeleton system with integrated rows of holes enabling the twist and wear free acceptance of drawers. The pedestal is fitted with central locking.

Ne-front of melamine-resin laminated LIGNOpal chipboard with glued-on (KU) plastic or (BU) beech edges. Bow handle of metal, plastic or beechwood.

3 body types with cladding of 1. melamine-resin laminated LIGNOpal chipboard, 2. solid metal or 3. perforated-metal. All steel parts are powder-coated.

Top cover of free-standing pedestals with corners and edges matching VS table tops.

Drawers in the 2 to 4 height unit (HE) sizes with partial or over-extension. Drawers of 6 HE are usually fitted with over-extension.

Fittings: in the 1.5 HE size with plastic material tray or flat steel drawer and material tray. Size 6 HE usually has suspension frames for DIN A4 files.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Front made of LIGNOpal: L1,4,6; Carcass made of LIGNOpal: L1,4,6; Carcass made of steel: M2,3,10.