Serie 2000

Typ F. Functional partition.

Serie 2000

System consists of basic, add-on and hanging elements.

Construction is based on a four-sided frame of aluminium profile and a filling element. The sides have a vertical optical and functional groove as well as an integrated but removable U-shaped plastic strip for linking two privacy screens without using tools. An adapter can be used for 90° and 180° joints.

Filling element 1. Melamine-resin laminated LIGNOpal chipboard. 2. LIGNOpal chipboard laminated with a vitreous-enamelled metal sheet to which magnets adhere. 3. From a lightweight top with fabric covering. 4. A melamine-resin laminated sound-absorbing panel with slits. 5. A translucent double-ribbed board.

Supporting element consisting of combined, short and long stabilisers and adjustable feet.

Please note: When hanging accessories into the functional groove, the maximum loading must be observed (see table).

The following material groups are available to choose from: Frame made of aluminium: M(anodisé); Stabiliser and foot made of aluminium: M11; Writing surface made of steel: E3; Fabric cover: S15; Acoustic surface made of LIGNOpal: L7.

Serie 2000