Projection board (tilting and pivoting).


System. Projection boards for slotting into the MediaPro rail system. The elements can be easily slid.

Function. Boards at level 1 can be slid over elements of the picture rail and the magnetically adherent strip. Boards at level 2 can also be slid over level 1 suspension elements.

Projection areas. Sturdy and light design with anodised aluminium edging and rounded safety corners. Aluminium safety hanging fittings with integrated rollers and unhinging retainer at the top. Aluminium-colored plastic spacer wheels at the bottom.

Board surfaces coated in matt white for slide, film, daylight, LCD and video projections.

Board function. Tilting and pivoting.

Note. The model can only be used in each case within one system, i.e. MediaPro-Basic or Comfort or Premium, and the corresponding level.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Projection surface: E(matt white).

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