Kenora Catholic District

Kenora, Ontario

Kenora Catholic District SB - 16.jpg

With roots stretching back to the 1880s in the far northwest of Ontario, the Kenora Catholic District School Board serves a student body of 1,500 with four elementary schools and one high school. Five years ago, Kenora Catholic was a strong traditional school district with limited exposure to the 21st century "learning commons" concept for collaborative spaces. But the more that school district leaders, teachers, and librarians delved into the growing body of research supporting the transformation of outdated, industrial-era classrooms into open, transparent learning environments, the more they thought the idea was right for Kenora Catholic. They just weren’t sure how to go about it.

“We needed to do things that traditional classrooms just don’t.” – Jamey Robertson, Innovation and Creativity Coordinator, Kenora Catholic District School Board

Download the case study to find out how the Kenora Catholic District School Board transformed their learning spaces.